Wednesday.September 27.2017

2 Rounds
5 inchworm push-ups
10 Band Aparts
10m crab walk
10m Samson Lunge
10 Squat Press Outs

STRENGTH - Front Squat
5x5 @ 65% of B.S. 1RM + 5lbs
- superset with:
5 Bulgarian Split Squats each leg (use 2 DB or KB)

Bench Press
5x5 (increasing weight)
- superset with
10 Bent Over Single Arm Row each arm

All strength today. It's a little change of pace and breaks up the week a bit because of the intensity of the workouts. Stay true to your numbers on the front squat. There should be zero failed reps. Increase weight on the bench press, split squats, and bent over row as long as your form is not compromised.