Friday.June 30.2017 (T)

Note: Today will be the last day Coach Boss is in the gym for a couple weeks. If anyone has issues in class please bring it to the attention of whoever is coaching that day. For other membership issues you may contact Coach Paul. See everyone in a few weeks :) 

Also we will be closed tomorrow Saturday July 1 for Canada as well as Monday.July 3. Enjoy your long weekends, stay safe and have fun. Get outside of the gym and use your fitness! 

Warm Up

3 Rounds for quality 

7 DB Man makers 

7-10 Strict HSPU or off box 

12 pistols (scale to box or with bands SEE VIDEO) 

50m Single Arm Farmers Carry + 5 Single Arm Russian swings every 10m


Every :30 secs for 15 mins

1 Squat Clean (65-75%) 

rest 2 mins 


Teams of 2 


Max Calorie Row (alternate every min)