Wednesday.June 28.2017 (C)

Warm Up

8-10 mins (split class into 2 groups) 

empty sled sprint relay x 100m (50m out,50 back)


Wall Ball mentality week 1 (20 reps unbroken)

record how many classes go perfect 


For quality

Accumulate 2 mins double DB or KB overhead hold 

Accumulate 2 mins in top support of dip

Accumulate 1 min in bottom of dip hold 

rest 2 mins between positions 



10 mins of Rope Climb practice (for those that can climb the rope they should be focusing on accumulating some volume and being as efficient as possible up AND down the rope) 




Teams of 2 (I go you go format) 

10 Shoulder to Overhead (115,75)

2 Rope climbs