Saturday.June 3.2017

Warm Up

20 shoulder taps pike position off box 

20 sec pronated grip hang 

20 v-ups 

20 roll over to v sit 

20 sec wall facing HS hold 

20 suitcase deadlifts/side

-deadlift review,wall walk review- 


for time

200m single arm carry (70,53)-100m each arm- 50m out,50m back 


6 wall walks 

10 toes to bar 

10 deadlifts (275,185)*should be able complete in under a minute 

6 wall walks 

12 toes to bar 

12 deadlifts 

6 wall walks 

14 toes to bar 

14 deadlifts 

6 wall walks 

16 toes to bar 

16 deadlifts 


200m single arm carry (70,53)-100m each arm-50m out, 50m back