Thursday.April 20.2017

Warm Up

6 mins Alternating with a partner

1 Min Single Unders 

1 Min Bulgarian Split Squats


3 Rounds

Partner 1: 10 Pause Wall balls (on coachs' cue) 

Partner 2: Row @ moderate pace

As a group

10 Burpee Tuck Jumps


A . Speed Box Squats 

8 sets x 3 reps w/ :30 secs rest @ 50-60% 

Goal is explosiveness on the way up. Think of almost jumping through the squat at the top. If you are moving slow then lower the weight. Box Height should be just at parallel.  Make sure you are unloading at the bottom of the squat and not just tapping your butt to the top of the box. You want to start from a dead static position.

B1. 4 x 8 Bulgarian Split Squat/each leg 

B2. 4 x 10 Squat Tuck Jumps (immediately following Split Squats) 

C. 6 sets building to a heavy (in 2 groups) 

100' Sled Push