Wednesday.April 19.2017

Warm Up

20 mins for Quality

60m ( 4 lengths) 1 arm Overhead Carry 

:30 sec Supinated grip hang from bar 

5 Turkish Sit Ups/side 

6 Lateral Box Step Ups/side


2 Rounds for Quality

20 Push Up Shoulder Taps 

8 Cuban Press (PVC Pipe or Light Barbell) 

:15 sec False Grip Hang (Low or High Rings) 


Unbroken Strict Chin Ups

4 x 5* add weight/band as needed


1000m Row 


3 Rounds 

3 Rope Climbs 

16 One arm Russian Swings (53/35)

Row should take less than 5 mins. Should be able to do 3 rope climbs in under 1 minute. KBS should be unbroken. Workout should be at a fast pace once you get off the rower.