Thursday.January 26.2017

Warm Up


3 Rounds of: 

2 Mins of Row, Skip, Run, Bike moderate (their choice)

10-15 Squat Therapy 

10 PVC pass throughs 

Burgener Warm Up with PVC Pipe 


1. Open Prep 


EMOM x 10 Mins 


Odd: 5 Unbroken Power Cleans 

Even: 5 Unbroken Shoulder to Overhead 


Each round add 1 rep to each so Min 3/4= 6 reps Min 5/6=7 reps etc.....


Post WOD 


Roll/Smash under arm/lats



Accumulate 2 mins hanging from the pull up bar, overhand grip, outside shoulder width, hollow body position