Tuesday.September 13.2016

1. For time 

35 Thrusters (135/95)

800m Run 

Goal = Sub 10 Mins 

Rest 5-10 mins

2. Speed/Strength Endurance 

6 sets 

8 X Broad Jumps 

80m Shuttle Sprint (40m out, 40m back in)

40 secs of slow Air Squats

Rest: 60 secs between sets 

Workout notes: Perform 8 Broad jumps either for max distance for a high force and explosive stimulus or rebounding for a compound adaptation that will also improve reaction time, into a 80m shuttle sprint , into 40 secs of slow air squats. 

This is a lactate clearance workout, the core of the workout is the slow air squats. However, the air squats will only create adaptations if the broad jumps and shuttle sprints are attacked with high intensity and high force.