Tuesday.June 14.2016

1. EMOM x 20 MINS 

Odd: 3 Push Jerk + 10 Toes to Bar 

Even: 10 Push Ups + 3 Squat Cleans 


*This was a grind when I did it a few weeks back. Unless you are strong in toes to bar and push ups then you are going to have to consider scaling the reps or movement. Weight wise the shoulder to overhead will be the limiting factor but it should be heavy. Should be aiming to finish a round in about 40 secs. 

If you fall off the pace then rest 1 min and start again

2. 3RFT 

400m Run 

50m Double KB Carry Overhead (55/35) 

Can use dumbbells as well if not enough KB

Goal = Sub 12 mins