Thursday.May 26.2016

1. 4 MIN AMRAP/ Rest 2:00 between 

             X 3 sets  

Max Shoulder to Overhead (185/135)**

Max Calorie Row in Remaining time 

**Scale down to a weight that allows you to get at least 6-12 reps of the shoulder to overhead.You can rest in the rack position but once the bar hits the floor then move onto the rower for the remainder of the 4:00 

2. For time 

5 Rope Climbs 

25 Pistols (alternating legs) 

10 Muscle Ups/ Kipping Pull Ups/ Jumping Pull Ups 

25 Pistols 

15 Bar Muscle Ups/Kipping Chest to Bar Pull Ups/Jumping Chest to Bar Pull Ups 

25 Pistols