Thursday.October 25.2016

10 sets (1:30 rest between each set) Increasing intensity each set

15 Calorie Row/10 Calorie Row 

10 Air Squats 

5 Burpees 

Workout Notes: Everyone do a max effort 15 cal or 10 calorie row before the workout starts. Take 40% of your cals/hr as the start pace for the 1st set. Goal of the workout is to learn to pace set-set. 

Increase the calories/hour each set by 50-100 cals/hr or look to complete the next set 5-10 secs faster than the previous set. We dont want to see huge fluctuations between each set and we shouldn't see super fast rowing and then slow squats and slow burpees and vice versa. Each set should progressively get a little faster

Sets 8,9 are just below sub maximal effort and Set 10 is all out Max Effort