Friday.January 8.2016

Gymnastics UB Pull + Press Absolute Strength/ Efficiency

Now we know that a lot of you have been asking about getting that pull up program out to you guys wanting to work on it but I wanted to wait until we tested it for the week so you can all have baseline numbers and assess from there. 

The two links I am attaching have two different formats and progressions. The one from Brute Strength has a little more emphasis on accessory work for your shoulders, back and biceps but I would say of these two is a bit more advanced. 

The other 30 day pull progression is a bit more straightforward. Take  a look through both and asses which one you legitimately feel will be most beneficial to you. Some of you will need to run through these cycles more than once to work on getting your pull ups but its a good place to start.

1. Find a 1RM Strict Press 

2. Find a Max Weighted Pull Up

Guys should be looking to hit 33% of their bodyweight, Ladies looking to get 20% 

Rest 5 MINS

3. Find a Max Set of Kipping Pull Ups