Monday.January 4.2015

New Testing Cycle Starts 

Today we are going to be testing your 1RM Back Squat and then doing some NME Testing (Neuromusuclar Efficiency Testing) 

What does this mean? A low score (3-5 reps) means that you have HIGH NME, (4-8) reps moderate NME, a high score (8+ reps) means that you have LOW NME. 

So now to try and answer the question of what does this mean. A low score or a high score doesn't mean bad or good it just helps in determining what type of athlete you are, or an indicator of your training years,aerobic capacity and even your gender. (YES, your gender!  female athletes tend to have a tougher time tapping into their CNS and thus have higher scores). They also tend to have a higher pain threshold on more enduring workouts than men. 

Someone newer to weight training is maybe going to have a high score in relation to their 1RM. This doesn't usually tell the picture in terms or whether they possess HIGH OR LOW NME but indicates usually that their 1RM might not be a "true" score.

So why do we want to know this information and how does it relate to Crossfit? 

The National Academy of Sports Medicine refers to NME as "the ability of the nervous system to properly recruit the muscles to produce and reduce force as well as dynamically stabilize the body's structure in all three planes of motion"

In other words. It is your body's ability to move load. And what do we do and need to be able to do to perform well in Crossfit. Move submaximal loads for time and distance in a fatigued state. Hopefully this helps you to understand what your scores mean and where you are as an athlete. 




2. AMRAP @ 85% of your 1RM BACK SQUAT (No more than 1 sec pause at the top) 


3. AMRAP @ 65% of your 1RM BACK SQUAT