Thursday.August 6.2015


Practice Gymnastic Swing (focus on momentum carrying you, not pulling or engaging with shoulders and arms)

A1: 5 x 8 False Grip Ring Row

A2: 5 x 3 EROM (end range of motion) Dip

A3: 5 x 2 Weighted Pull Up


Segment + Eccentric Pull Up (try and lower the box height from previous weeks or increase the time on descent....max 5 secs down)

5 sets x 4 reps

Ring Rows

4 x 10


Accessory Work

4 Giant Sets

A. 6-8 DB Bulgarian Split Squats (each leg)

B. 10-15 DB Skull Crushers

C. 12-15 UB Close Grip Push Ups 

THIS IS AMAZING!!! I teared up a bit watching this thinking of my own grandparents. Being healthy and fit is all relative. In her mid 70`s Constance decided that she wanted to take control of her life and her health. Her last line though ``I`m not ready to die yet  and I`m trying to keep hope alive``