Friday.August 21.2015

Muscle Up

Practice Gymnastic Swing w/ momentum and pull to hips (5 mins)


1a. 4 x 8 ring push-up with turnout/4 x 8 tempo push up (3 sec count down. Fast up)
1b. 4 x 5 False Grip Ring Pull Up w/ 2 sec negative/4 x 5 False Grip Ring Row w/negative
1c. 4 x 2 Weighted Ring Dip/4 x 2 box or bench dip or straight bar


6 Rounds

5 TnG DL @ 70-80% 1RM
3 CTB Pull Ups
1 Box Jump ("tough")

I did this WOD the other day in just over 7 mins. The fittest woman on earth did it in under 4 mins. Smoked me!! Give it a try see how you compare. 

5 RFT 

10 Power Cleans 135/95 (scale as needed)

10 Burpees