Wednesday.August 19.2015



1a. 3 x 6 Split Squat w/ Rear leg elevated (about 6-8")
1b. 3 x 6 Glute Bridges w/ barbell (use a bench to brace your upper back and scapula against)

2. 5 x 4 each leg
One Legged Box Jump

3. WOD


5 Power Snatch (135/95)
10 TTB/Knees to Elbow/V-Ups
20 Wall Balls (20/14)

**be mindful of what I posted on Tuesdays WOD. A lot of you will be able to do the Power Snatch at that weight and able to do toes to bar and do wall balls with the 20lb ball. Just ask yourself before you start. 

1. Can I cycle the barbell TnG for 5 reps at that weight or do very quick singles (15-20 secs) If the answer is no then you might be better off scaling the weight so that you can meet those requirements. 

2. Can I do an unbroken set of 10 T2B or can you do it in 2 quick sets of 5? If the answer is yes I can do T2B but you have to come off the bar every rep, you may be better scaling the movement. If you can cycle your reps but not for 10 maybe you just need to scale the reps (same idea here should be looking to finish these in (15-20 secs once you get on the bar). If it takes you a minute or more to do 10 T2B you need to scale it somehow.

3. Can I do 20 Wall Balls UB at that weight? I'm not saying you need to go Unbroken on every piece but it gives you an idea of how to scale before you start. If you can't string a set of 20 together when you are fresh then it probably means that it wont happen when you are fatigued in the AMRAP. You should be looking to get the Wall Balls done in under a minute.