Tuesday.August 18.2015

**From Coach Boss: You have all heard me and the rest of your coaches for the most part, talk about the need to scale movements and weights in order to get the correct stimulus from a workout. Performing a workout "RX" because you can move the weight a few times or can do a few pull ups doesn't matter if it takes you outside of the stimulus intended for the workout. Some workouts are more endurance biased, some more strength biased, some more gymnastics biased. We are here to help you learn these things, but it is partly your responsibility to understand that just getting the work done isn't  always the point. Take a look at this article from www.tabatatimes.com to read more about what I am trying to summarize here. 




EMOM x 7

Power Clean + 2 Hang Power Clean ( below knee + high hang)



500m row or 400m run
15 OHS 95/65

An older video from Crossfit with one of my favorite CF athletes Chad Mackay. But also some good insight into what it takes for these guys and girls to compete at the level they are at.