Thursday.July 16.2015

A.3 position snatch (below knee + mid thigh + power position)

Beginners may power snatch and then work to descend into overhead squat

60% x 1 x 2, 65%x 1 x 2 (% of snatch)

B. Snatch Pull

85% x 5 x 4

C. Good Mornings

25% x 6 x 3 (% of back squat) 

D. If you have time and want to get a sweat on

5 Rounds x 2 Mins: 1 min rest between rounds  

50 Air Squats 

Max Push Ups 

Long video but if you have time to watch even some of it. Mark Bell makes up some great points about training and intensity and how these things can relate to your life outside of the box as well.