Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Testing Week continues, going to go back to some more traditional Crossfit workouts for today. Why? Because it's simple and they work.


With a running clock 



30 Power Snatches for time 

RX: 135/95     Scaled: 115/85 or 95/65     Beginner: 75/45 (Hang Power Snatch)

@ 10:00


30 Clean and Jerks for time 

***The goal is for everyone to be able to complete either in touch and go reps or quick singles

RX: should be aiming for sub 3 mins

Scaled: Sub 4 Mins 

Beginner: Sub 6 Mins

You want to be able to complete to give yourself at least 5 mins to recover before you begin Grace

Score= Time 

REMEMBER!! INTENSITY NOT VOLUME. If it takes you 8+ mins or more to complete Grace or Isabel at 135 or 95 you shouldn't be lifting or performing at that weight.