Monday, March 30, 2015

First of all congratulations to all of our members who registered and competed during the Crossfit Open over the last 5 weeks. We as a coaching staff are very proud of all your accomplishments (first muscle ups and new PR's) and are happy to see that the hard work you have been putting in has led to improvements in your fitness in the last year. 

This brings us to the next phase of our training cycle, we will be going back to some more classic Crossfit and slow lifts and this week begins with a testing week to establish some baseline numbers. We encourage you all to track your workouts and lifts during these next few months. 



RX: Find a 1RM Strict Press 

Scaled/Beginner: Find a heavy 5 rep 

rest 5 Mins 

B. 10 Min time cap

RX:  50 HSPU for time 

Scaled: 30 HSPU for time   

Beginner:  30 Strict Press for time @ 95/65 or 75/45 

**GOALS FOR THE WOD: Whatever level you are performing this workout at you should be looking to complete in sub 5 mins 

Right after I saw someone else do 15.5

Right after I saw someone else do 15.5