Meal Prep Made Easy: Eat2liveGTA


A few weekends ago, we ran an Open House in which we not only welcomed a lot of existing and new faces, but some incredible vendors and partners as well. One of those vendors was Eat2liveGTA, a meal prep service designed to help the fitness enthusiast, the business professional or a busy parent stay on track with leading the healthy lifestyle they want without all the work of meal preparation and cooking. They offer affordable packages with great menu options that your entire family can enjoy.

About the Company:

We use a local farmer for organic and grass-fed beef and poultry. For the plant-eaters, we offer a variety of vegan options as well. For those who follow a Paleo diet, we have many options to satisfy your diet and your palette.

Our meals are low sodium, high protein and all homemade (no preservatives)...right down to our sauces, marinades and even our peanut butter.

Give eat2liveGTA a try today! Visit our website for menu items and our food photo gallery!