First of all, congrats to everyone who worked hard over the last 3 months on the Wendler cycle. We saw big improvements in everyone's strength in the four lifts we were focused on. The main focus of the last 3 months was to improve overall absolute strength in those areas. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Moving forward from there the next phase of your training is going to focus on increasing strength, technique and efficiency in your Olympic Lifts.

For our newer members, drilling your technique is going to be the main priority. For our intermediate/advanced members, cleaning up any inefficiencies in your movement and building up your strength in those areas is the priority. 

The main slow lifts that we will be trying to increase strength in are your back, front and overhead squat. 

In CrossFit, we see a lot of workouts involving high rep Olympic Lifting - The stronger and more technically sound you are in those movements, the faster you will move in met-cons involving that requirement. 

Second on the list is improving overall pulling and pressing strength as usual for your gymnastics. 

Newer members will be following a specific pull up program in order to get those first pull ups. Others who have their pull ups will be working on learning new skills such as kipping/butterfly pull ups and the Muscle Up.

Third on that list is maintaining your engine. 

Not the biggest concern in the training right now - we will still be doing met-cons, but not every single day. You will notice a change as we shift back later in the year. As we approach the Open again, the priorities will shift from strength to improving work capacity. Right now we just want to ensure that you aren't decreasing too much in that area.

Lastly, every couple weeks in the programming we will be throwing in strict NFT (not for time) accessory work. 

We feel that everyone can benefit from some of the more traditional body building movements and accessory work, which should transfer and crossover in to your lifting. These workouts are meant to be done with strict attention to form and focusing on the quality of your movement. 

If you have any questions about this, feel free to email us or ask your coach.