April Member of the Month

Ten months ago Rad Reynolds walked in the doors to TCF. I would have to say in the 5 years or so I have been doing Crossfit and coaching, he has to be one of the most eager members that I have ever come across. 

Very competitive in nature but also very quick to lend a hand cleaning up equipment post WOD and cheering on his fellow 6am crew members as well. The only thing I think he enjoys more than Crossfit is probably cookies. Actually I can definitively say that is the only thing he enjoys more.

Rad has been a great addition to TCF. With an unrelenting desire to get better in any and everything, he has come a long way since day 1. Having little experience with weights before starting Crossfit, he now deadlifts 300+, Back Squats 225+ and has come quite a way in terms of mobility and some of the more advanced Crossfit movements.

Congrats Rad. Keep up the hard work. Muscle Ups and Handstand push ups are next!! 

Q+ A below

1. How long have you been doing Crossfit?

 Around 10 months.

2. Name your favourite/least favourite movements? Favorite: hand stand pushups, pullups, toes to bar, deadlift. Least favorite: wallballs. I hate wallballs. And rowing. 

3. What are the biggest changes that you have noticed since you joined Transition Crossfit?

I lost a lot of fat and gained muscle. Crossfit transformed my lifestyle, the way I see the workouts, it changed my eating habits and it pushed my self discipline to a whole new level. 

4. Favourite benchmark workout.

Barbara or Chelsea. Although I don't think I was ever able to finish one of them RX, they are definitely among the favorites. 

5. Name three goals or weaknesses that you would like to improve on in the next 3/6/12 months.

Goals: hand stand pushups, double unders, and eventually, someday...muscle ups !

I have to add that the coaches and the people I met at TC made a difference and pushed further the motivation to get better, to change myself, to wake up for the 6AMs and to come every day :)