Big Brothers Big Sisters of Halton Crossfit Scholarship Program

  --> Visit our Online Donation Page


--> Visit our Online Donation Page

One of our goals and visions at Transition Crossfit is to use our incredible network and community support to do some social good in our local community. We have all, in some way, been impacted by increasing or introducing fitness into our lifestyle, and we are privileged enough to be able to enjoy that opportunity.

We have seen a tremendous response to our Crossfit Kids and CrossFit Teens programs over the last few months. Not only have we seen the positive effect it has on the families that have been able to participate together, but we have also noticed a tremendous difference in the lives of the teens and kids who have enrolled in these programs.

For the entire month of April, Transition Crossfit will be raising money and donating the proceeds to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Halton in order for kids within their system to experience the benefits of Crossfit. The money will be used initially to supply equipment and clothing for two kids and two teens to enrol within our Crossfit programs, as well as to establish the seed money to keep sending more and more kids from Big Brothers and Big Sisters to try Crossfit at our facility.

We believe that by instilling positive and healthy lifestyle traits from an early age, it will translate into a life long journey of fitness and healthy living. For some added incentive to donate to this cause, for every single dollar raised as a fitness community, Coach Paul Ferri and Coach Adam Boissiere will be rowing 10 metres.

By the end of the month, our goal is to have raised $2,500, which would put each of them rowing 25,000 metres - JUST OVER A HALF MARATHON! If we surpass that goal, they will stick to their word and row the equivalent to the final total raised. Do you think you can get them to a FULL MARATHON?

Crossfit has done a lot for the members in our community, as well as for communities worldwide, so let's work together to provide that opportunity to others who may not otherwise have the chance to do so.

Make sure to share this page with your friends, families and fellow CrossFit communities! All proceeds will go directly to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Halton.

Donations can be made online via our fundraiser page.