October Member of the Month

Hey everyone, 

To be perfectly honest, this month`s choice for member of the month was not a difficult choice to make. Since joining the gym this individual has been consistent, encouraging to other members and became a part of the community instantaneously with her infectious personality. 

The Member of the Month for October is Tricia Lewis. Now there are a lot of reasons I could list for why she deserves the recognition this month, but I will list just a few since I don`t want her head to get to big ;) 

Tricia joined the gym after deciding that she needed to lose some weight and put some emphasis on her health and fitness so she could be a good role model for her young kids. She had some obstacles from the beginning, a few years of being inactive, an ACL and MCL injury that put her on the shelf the year before as well was a challenge she had to contend with. 

Instead of running from these obstacles she has attacked them head on. Attending class 3x/week as well as doing 1:1 sessions to help rehab her knee, Tricia has lost over 20 inches since joining the gym, has improved her squat and deadlift tremendously, strengthened her knee and most importantly in my eyes, her daughter is now in our Teens program. 

A lot of people talk the talk about taking charge of their fitness and setting a good example for family and trust me Trish can talk, lol but she is walking the walk to and attacking her goals everyday. As a coach I couldn`t be prouder. 

If you want to follow along on her journey she is posting daily on her blog tishgirl.wordpress.com 

Keep it up Trish

Started with an empty barbell week 1. A week after this pic Tricia hit a PR (105 for 8 reps) 

Started with an empty barbell week 1. A week after this pic Tricia hit a PR (105 for 8 reps) 

1. How long have you been doing Crossfit?

I've been doing crossfit since August 

2. Name your favourite/least favourite movements? 

I love back squats and deadlifts.. I don't like anything that involves jumping...box jumps,skipping, burpees. Hate them all lol

3. What are the biggest changes that you have noticed since you joined Transition Crossfit?

I've lost almost 20 inches and I've gotten a lot stronger since I started

4. Favourite benchmark workout.

I really like Cindy

5. Name three goals or weaknesses that you would like to improve on in the next 3/6/12 months.

I would like my knee to be strong enough so I don't have to scale the workouts and I would like to be my healthiest self