Member of the Month

Hey TCF members, 


We are going to be bringing back our MOTM in the new year and highlighting some of our awesome members and their accomplishments throughout the year. To kick the year off we are going to shine the spotlight on Michelle Dougherty! 

Michelle has two young kids, a busy work schedule but makes her fitness a priority and carves out a few hours a week to make it into the gym to take care of herself. The best part about her journey is that she is a great example to both her children Ryan and Norah, who both take part in our CF Kids classes that being healthy is important. Always quick with a joke and a smile and usually found wearing a hilarious t shirt, Michelle is constantly pushing herself and we are glad to have her as part of the TCF community. 


November Member of the Month: Shannon Rutten

Every once in a while certain members sneak up on you and surprise you with their improvements. I would have to say that Shannon definitely did that for us and we wanted to recognize her for all the hard work she has been putting in. 

After her husband Erik convinced her to try Crossfit, Shannon came to us very hesitant about lifting weights and the intensity of the training. But despite that early hesitation, one thing she was never shy about was working hard. 

Next thing we noticed Shannon is smashing workouts Rx, setting PR`s and at some points it looked like it didn`t matter what we threw at her she was crushing everything.  

Congrats Shannon! 

1. How Long have you been doing Crossfit? 

Under a year but I'm not sure exactly

2. Name your favourite/least favourite movements? 

The power snatch is my most favorite. I love how powerful the movement feels and how it uses the whole body. Box jumps are a close second because I like the springy feeling in my legs when I'm doing them, they are great for cardio and they work the whole leg. My claves seem to get neglected sometimes but these burn them out good. I don't really enjoy pull ups or double unders but I'm sure I will once I get better at them.

3. What are the biggest changes that you have noticed since you joined Transition Crossfit?

 Before crossfit, I had been going to a physiotherapist and chiropractor for knee pain due to very weak hips. Even walking could trigger this pain and none of the prescribed exercises seemed to be helping. Now, even though I'm running, jumping, doing high rep air squats and can squat just over 200, I never have any knee pain.

4. Favourite benchmark workout.

They're all just so much fun (not)! If I can only choose just one I'll say Nancy (400 meter run, Overhead squat 95 lbs x 15, 5 rounds for time) I like the ones that keep me going on auto pilot but kill me in the end.

5. Name three goals or weaknesses that you would like to improve on in the next 3/6/12 months.

I'd like to have my double unders in the next 3 months or tomorrow. In 6 months I'd like to possibly do some competitions. And 12 months from now I'd like to be doing Rx everything. As of now I can only do a few things Rx.

October Member of the Month

Hey everyone, 

To be perfectly honest, this month`s choice for member of the month was not a difficult choice to make. Since joining the gym this individual has been consistent, encouraging to other members and became a part of the community instantaneously with her infectious personality. 

The Member of the Month for October is Tricia Lewis. Now there are a lot of reasons I could list for why she deserves the recognition this month, but I will list just a few since I don`t want her head to get to big ;) 

Tricia joined the gym after deciding that she needed to lose some weight and put some emphasis on her health and fitness so she could be a good role model for her young kids. She had some obstacles from the beginning, a few years of being inactive, an ACL and MCL injury that put her on the shelf the year before as well was a challenge she had to contend with. 

Instead of running from these obstacles she has attacked them head on. Attending class 3x/week as well as doing 1:1 sessions to help rehab her knee, Tricia has lost over 20 inches since joining the gym, has improved her squat and deadlift tremendously, strengthened her knee and most importantly in my eyes, her daughter is now in our Teens program. 

A lot of people talk the talk about taking charge of their fitness and setting a good example for family and trust me Trish can talk, lol but she is walking the walk to and attacking her goals everyday. As a coach I couldn`t be prouder. 

If you want to follow along on her journey she is posting daily on her blog 

Keep it up Trish

Started with an empty barbell week 1. A week after this pic Tricia hit a PR (105 for 8 reps) 

Started with an empty barbell week 1. A week after this pic Tricia hit a PR (105 for 8 reps) 

1. How long have you been doing Crossfit?

I've been doing crossfit since August 

2. Name your favourite/least favourite movements? 

I love back squats and deadlifts.. I don't like anything that involves jumps,skipping, burpees. Hate them all lol

3. What are the biggest changes that you have noticed since you joined Transition Crossfit?

I've lost almost 20 inches and I've gotten a lot stronger since I started

4. Favourite benchmark workout.

I really like Cindy

5. Name three goals or weaknesses that you would like to improve on in the next 3/6/12 months.

I would like my knee to be strong enough so I don't have to scale the workouts and I would like to be my healthiest self

September Member of the Month


Say goodbye to summer because Fall is here, which means another month has flown by and it is time to recognize and pass the belt to our September MOTM: Dr.Altaz Madhavji, or as we all know him TAZ!

TAZ* is long overdue for this recognition. *( I feel like his name needs to be written All Caps because he is probably yelling when you see him or making you yell if you have ever been treated by him at his clinic) His energy at 6am in the morning is probably rivalled only by small children, dogs going for a walk, or a normal human being on about 12 shots of espresso.

He is a consistently hard worker, positive member in the community and most importantly someone many of us have come to call a good friend. From a coaching standpoint he is an extra set of eyes in watching for movement dysfunction and anytime I have a question outside of my knowledge base he is always there to educate and help. Thanks for all you do in and outside of the gym treating us and getting us back  to exercising when we are banged up and for always bringing so much energy to your workouts. As much as we hate you being that loud in the morning it is a bit infectious. 

Congrats buddy

1. How long have you been doing Crossfit?

Over Two years now.

2. Name your favourite/least favourite movements?

My least favourite movement is the overhead squat. My most favourite movement is the strict

press, push press, push jerk. Favourite thing about crossfit, is that I have met like minded people

with similar goals that have become close friends.

3. What are the biggest changes that you have noticed since you joined Transition Crossfit?

Loss of weight, increased energy, increased strength, focus.

4. Favourite benchmark workout.


20 MIN AMRAP (5 PullUps, 10 Push Ups, 15 Air Squats)

5. Name three goals or weaknesses that you would like to improve on in the next 3/6/12 months.

Wrist mobility, Overhead squat, front squat

August Member of the Month

Summer has come and gone quickly this year it seems, and we have had a lot of new faces join the box. Just over a year ago in the middle of the summer, Kevin a.k.a Kevlar joined up at TCF.

We would always have conversations before or after he dropped his boys off to the teens classes and I could see that he was interested in joining.  After a little while of that routine going on Kevin decided that it was time to give this thing a try.

Like many new members with some pre-existing injuries Kevin was worried that he may get hurt doing Crossfit. We assured him that the best thing to do would be to start slow and gradually increase load and intensity as he began to feel more comfortable.

That gradual progression combined with Kevin`s consistency in his training and attention to his mobility issues has correlated directly to the improvements he has made since first walking through the doors about a year ago. Kevin is a regular face in the 6am crew and comes in Sunday mornings to get his recovery and stretch on during Mobility classes at 9am on Sundays.

Shout out to Kevin for all the hard work over the last year, you get to carry the belt now for the rest of the month.


1.How long have you been doing Crossfit?

I have been doing cross-fit for 1 year. My kids started the teen program at TCF last summer and when I would come to pick them up I was intrigued by the workouts and also noticed how the gym was more like a community than just a gym. It was definitely different than the gym I was a member at. After signing up for the foundations, I was hooked. 

2. Name your favourite/least favourite movements?

My least favourite movements are rowing and any movement that involves pushing over the head. My favourite movement is the deadlift. Before joining, I had previous back issues and when I joined TCF, for whatever reason, this was the movement that I was concerned with the most. With good instruction on technique, and slowly increasing my weights, this is now one of my favourites.

3. What are the biggest changes that you have noticed since you joined Transition Crossfit?

There are really too many changes to describe. In addition to the obvious ones of better strength and endurance, the biggest overall change is that I just feel physically better everyday. Coming to x-fit 4-5 times per week, my body is always sore, but in a good way. No more bad back issues and my hip and shoulder mobility is much better than when I started. The biggest non physical change is the amount of time that I sleep on the train to and from work after the 6 am classes and a day at work.

4. Favourite benchmark workout?

Cindy I am ok with pull-ups, push ups and squats, so this is onewhere I can do all the movements. 

5. Name three goals or weaknesses that you would like to improve on in the next 3/6/12 months.

3 Months: I can land a couple double unders in a row, but within the next 3 months I want to be able to complete double unders in a WOD.

6 months - one of my weaknesses is shoulder strength and partly why I do not like to pushing weights over my head. Want to work on strengthening these movements.

12 months - I want to redo the strength cycle and improve upon my PB's.