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Owner “Coach Boss” has been involved with athletics since a young age, through track and field, baseball and then eventually football and rugby. Coach Boss played Rugby at University and since then had been looking to continue to become a better athlete. Coach Boss found CrossFit when he decided to hang up his rugby boots and has been hooked since!

Seeing members choose to make fitness not just something they have to do, but instead make it a lifestyle choice that they continue to pass onto their families is my favorite part of Crossfit.

Adam's favourite part of his job?

"Coaching CrossFit has been amazing because of all the different people we get to meet and help achieve their goals, our TCF community feels like an extended family and is what makes coming to work everyday enjoyable."



When Jenn's brother-in-law finally talked her into trying CrossFit, she had no idea the positive impact that CrossFit, and the community that surround it, would have on her life. Jenn had played competitive sports for most of her life but when she wasn't "good enough" to make the team anymore, she threw in the towel.

After having kids, the closest Jenn got to working out was rockin' it out in her basement with Jillian Michaels during the kids daily naps BUT Jillian just wasn't quite cutting it anymore and she started looking for something with a little more of a challenge. After a few short months Jenn really notice some mental changes... she felt happier! Now she's become one of those 5:30 am wierdos who wants to wake up and go to class because she knows she is then prepared to take on what the day throws at her. Since CrossFit, she has found herself to be a better Mother and Partner and in her world, that is all that matters. 

Jenn's favourite part of her job? "It's quite simple, I want to pay it forward. Feeling on top of your game physically and mentally is not exclusive to high level athletes. CrossFit is fore everyone, kids, teenagers, Moms, Dads and even Grandma and Grandpa!"



Coach Mik started training at a young age as a gymnast where she learned the importance of hard work, passion and commitment. CrossFit encompasses all of those same principles and that is why Coach Mik says she fell in love with the world of CrossFit when she walked through the doors of TCF. Mikaela is honoured to be a part of the TCF team where she continues to learn and grow as a coach.

Coach Mik, like some of our other Coaches, packed in the corporate world and has decided to make fitness her life. She wants to help people the way CrossFit has helped her!

Mikaela's favourite part of her job? 
“I love the fact that I am able to get to know so many like-minded individuals who are constantly working towards self-improvement. There’s nothing better than witnessing someone achieve their goals. You can’t help but feed off that positive energy. That’s what makes this community so great. The support and motivation everyone provides here is incredible.”



Talk about a transformation! Coach Derek has lost 70lbs and transformed his life through CrossFit and dedication to a healthy lifestyle. He now helps out with our CrossFit Kids program and works hard to transform the health of our youth members, as well as his own family.

You will catch Coach Derek in the 6:00 am classes either working out himself or coaching, this guy spends 2 hours the night before coming up with some pretty crazy warm-ups so make sure you check him out.

Derek’s favourite part of his job? “Sharing the joy an athlete experiences when they come to the realization that with hard work and dedication they are able achieve something they never thought possible. With children it’s when they tell me things like, “Crossfit is making me better at everything!”