Welcome to Transition CrossFit, a family fitness facility designed to guide and inspire each and every one of you to reach your ultimate fitness goals. Our programs are diverse, just like our membership base. Different ages, skill levels and health goals make up the incredible community and support system found within our walls. 

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At Transition CrossFit, our goal is to make sure you feel comfortable and confident before moving into our regular CrossFit classes. To do that, we offer a comprehensive Foundations Program, designed to educate you on the foundational movements and structure of CrossFit. 

Your five (5) one-on-one Foundations sessions will follow similar structure to what you’ll find in our regular class programming, which is typically:

  1. Group Warm Up and Mobility: Making sure your body moves well well before diving into the fun stuff is extremely important for keeping you safe and moving well during our classes. We place a lot of emphasis on proper movement and will encourage extra mobility outside of class time when possible.

  2. Strength and/or Skill Work: This time is spent focusing on a specific strength element or technical skill (i.e. a back squat or a toes-to-bar). Progressions are always made available to accommodate different athletic levels within the class. Your Coach will always demonstrate movements and provide you with an option that you are comfortable with and can complete safely.

  3. Workout of the Day (WOD): The daily WOD is constantly changing, which is what makes CrossFit so much fun. Whether it is 5 minutes long or 30 minutes long, you will leave feeling like you had one heck of a workout! Our workouts are designed to be completed at high intensity, keeping in mind that proper technique is always the priority.

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Regardless of whether you’ve done CrossFit before or are completely new to this type of fitness, we encourage you to come in and meet us for a free consultation. Our consultation takes approximately 20-30 minutes and is a great opportunity to see our facility, learn more about what programs might fit your health and fitness goals best, and ask any questions you have for us. After we learn more about each other, we can decide on the best route for you, and go from there!

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